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Illusion World

Illusion World

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Bárbara & Ricardo

Ricardo & Barbarita.Two lovers who spent their first Summer together "fighting for" the same shirts. “Ricardo, I’m going to wear this one today!” “Oh sh*t, i was thinking about that...” and they both ROCK the same shirts.
Everything started during the big mess and chaotic COVID quarantine. Year 2020. 20. 2-0. 2 People starting from 0. Two.Zero. Booh!

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We wanted to create something that all genders can wear.
The same shirt can be pretty cool for her and for him.

Exclusive editions. Unique patterns and limited quantities.
We want to be special and exclusive. I mean... We ARE special & exclusive. :)

can you feel

the soul?

Young souls. Always looking for new adventures. The desire of knowing new places, new people, new landscapes.
"There is peaceful, there is wild. I am both at the same time."